Best Roku Private Channels

Roku is one of the best streaming devices that are available in recent time. You should carry your Roku around if you are into streaming more often. Some special features make Roku stand out from the group of cord cutting and online streaming. No one can deny that it fulfills almost all the criteria that you will expect in a streaming device. And with the introduction of private channels, it has successfully grabbed our attention. So, we decided to make a full list of Best Roku Private Channels to give you a clear overview.

Best Roku Private Channels

However, it’s popularity make it go one step up the ladder. And all the full-featured apps make Roku stand apart from the competition. And the recent introduction of Private channels makes this device more preferable for online streamers. So, if you also belong from this large community, here are the things that worth your checking.

So, without wasting much time, we will give you a vivid idea of these private channels. Furthermore the list of Best Roku Private Channels.

What Is Roku Private Channel?

This streaming device offers a lot of private channels which are available in the Channel Store with different official channel partners, and you can add them to your Roku Account anytime. You have to add them by the paid channel or free channel. Well, this kind of channels is visible for everybody.  But there are few channels that are not available publically.

Why these channels are private? The answer will lead you to the process of knowing Roku more. Either, due to the availability in the Beta version of those channels or a 3rd party is owning the website that Roku may want to hide- can be possible reasons. However, if you want to avail these private channels then there is a lot. So, choose your willing one from the list below and add them.

Best Roku Private Channels

Before adding the channels it’s mandatory to have the Roku Streaming Device linked to your account. Here is the list of top channels from several categories. So, know about the channels and along with that know the process of adding private channels to your Roku Account.

The below-provided channel codes are important to add that channel into your account. So, Guys don’t forget to make a note.

Nowhere TV (Channel Access Code: H9DWC)

Nowhere TV is one of the earliest channels of Roku. It segregates all the contents at one place by taking them from the Web. This channel streams media from the following channels,

    • ABC
    • American Public Media
    • Astronomy
    • BBC
    • CBC
    • CNN
    • Fox News
    • Gaming
    • Government
    • HBO
    • Home & Garden
    • Local
    • Technology
    • Sports
    • Public Radio International
    • NPR
    • NHL
    • NBC
    • MLB
    • TED Talks
  • Motorsports etc

You will get a wide variety of Audio and Video podcasts that have the full scoop of information as well as entertainment.

Redbox Digital Beta (Channel Access Code: RBXDIGITAL)

You can use the official Beta version of Redbox to install this private channel on your Roku. It will need a Redbox account to do so. For your information, this Redbox doesn’t work on the basis of monthly or yearly subscription, you have to pay according to your usage. The box has a lot of movies and TV shows to amaze you. So purchase them or take them on rent and enjoy.

Neon Party Games (Channel Access Code: H2CLHP)

As the name means, the games included in this channel are pretty cool. Neon Party Games offer you 6 different types of games,

  • Geometry
  • Puck
  • Squared
  • Sumo
  • Cell
  • Tag

You can play these games with your friend or family, as in there is no upper limit in the number of players. But it has a lower limit- at least 2 players are needed to play this game. However, you need to install the Neon Party Games Controller on your device. It costs $1.99 to give you an add-free version.

EuroRoku (Channel Access Code: euroroku)

This private channel needs a paid subscription to stream. You can access this channel from almost all the European countries, i.e  France, Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova, Spain, Portugal, UK, Poland, and Sweden. The subscription plans of this channel start from, Promo-$15/Mo, Standard- $20/Mo, and the Economy- $50/3 Months.

FilmOn (Channel Access Code: NMEVA)

If you want to activate the biggest free IPTV service then FilmOn is the only option. This channel is crafted with more than 500 Live HQ Channels and 45000+ On-Demand Videos, not only that but also, more than 46 Live TV and 18 VOD categories are there to open the door of the entertainment world, for you. You need to have a FilmOn Account to watch free live Tv anytime, though there can some geo-restricted channels. But you don’t have to worry about that, as you will get the full content within geo non-restricted channels.

MyChannels (Channel Access Code: MYCHANNELS)

The MyChannels is designed keeping your ease of accessing in mind. It helps you to organize and launch the channel list by categorizing the channels as favorites, recently used, or create a custom group on the basis of your interest. For clarity, it is named as Home Screen Channel Organizer, and undoubtedly it does its job to get you the Best Roku Private Channels in the most convenient way.

Best Roku Private Channels

Wilderness Channel (Channel Access Code: FL821095)

This channel is dedicated to the viewers of different categories- Nature Enthusiasts, Hunters or Outdoor Survivalists. All these are related to Wilderness Programming. You will get a lot of great content here along with the igniting encouragement of preserving it for the future. VOD and Live Broadcast both are available here, in this channel. Furthermore, the programs like Alone in the Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, America’s Wilderness etc are also here to provide you with a full quotient of entertainment.

Nowhere DVR (Channel Access Code: nowheredvr)

Nowhere DVR lets you watch EyeTV recordings and the Live TV as well, only on your Roku. But, always keep in mind that this private channel will run only on a computer- Windows or Mac. The local network plays a key role here. And your iPhone should be linked up with your PC to get this channel into working mode.

iTunes Podcast (Channel Access Code: ITPC)

This private channel pulls free podcasts from the iTunes library. For using the same you don’t need to install iTunes on your PC or don’t need any iTunes Account. The contents are divided into some categories like Favorites, Search, Settings and Top Podcasts. iTunes Podcast only offers free contents, for other paid movies, TV shows, Music you need to use the iTunes app on the computer.

Roku Movies (Channel Access Code: zb34ac)

The Classic Movie Channel of Roku is Roku Movies. This channel has a broad collection of movies. From vintage to movies of different genre i.e Drama, Action, Mistry, Suspense, Horror, Comedy,  are here. Even you will be able to watch the movies from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

MaddyMation(Channel Access Code: MADDYMATION)

If you want a channel dedicated for cartoons only then MaddyMation is here to quench your requirements. This channel works on one believe- “All Cartoons – All the time”. So, give your kids a full package of entertainment by inserting this channel into your Roku Account.

SpaceTime(Channel Access Code: CN6MRTG)

For the space lovers, SpaceTime is here to give you a great streaming experience. As it shows different full-length videos from NASA and other space agencies around the world. You don’t have to pay any penny to add this channel.

Nowhere USB(Channel Access Code: KGULU)

If you think that Roku has a limitation of only playing the video then you are wrong. As, Nowhere USB lets you play music and other contents of different files like MP3, MP4, AAC, JPG or PNG. The best thing is, you can have the full control over your movie or soundtrack by using the Roku Remote.

Lode Runner Remake(Channel Access Code: LodeRunnerPreview)

This channel is particularly designed for the Video Game lovers. The remake version of a Classic 1980’s video game developed by Broderbund is streaming on Roku now. But you need to have an enhanced remote to play the game either horizontally or vertically. With this game, you can choose from different levels, or you can custom levels and select from any of the game speed from the 5 different speed list.

Plex Classic(Channel Access Code: plexclassic)

Plex Classic is the upgraded version of Plex that was available on Roku from beforehand. If this new channel is not meeting up your requirements then you can jump into the old one any time. Here you can customize the channels, on deck, library sections, miscellaneous and recently added. So, insert this channel anytime.

That is the list of 15 Best Roku Private channels. Now you need to choose your willing one from the list and insert it into your Roku account. Don’t know how to add a private channel? No need to worry at all. Look below, follow these steps and get the best Roku Private Channels on your grief.

How To Install Roku Private Channels?

This process includes a few steps. you need to perform them properly to get your desired channel into your account. Now have a look at the steps.

  • Firstly, visit the Beginners need to make a quick registration, else you can log in directly
  • Next,  go to
  • Then, tap on the “Add channel with a code” link, under the “Manage Account” Section- that lets you add a non-certified or beta channel to your account
  • After that, enter the Channel Access Code, In the Add Channel Page
  • Now, click on the Add Channel Button
  • Then, a warning will pop up, After reading tap on the OK button
  • Finally, tap on the Yes, add channel button to link it to your device

That’s all! you are done now. If you have done each step as per the guidance then your willing channel must be included in your Roku Account within a few minutes. It’s time to start streaming with one of the Best Roku Private Channels.