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Norman the Promised Neverland – Character Review

Norman the Promised Neverland - Character Review
Written by Richard SG

Anime fans are all over the world. With every release, viewers feel a connected feeling towards their characters. Whether it is Naruto and Hiro, each character builds a special place in our hearts. This is the power of animation that creates such a visualization. In this post, we are aiming at the character of the series named The Promised Neverland famously known as Norman the Promised Neverland.

It is proven to be yet another animated series that has developed its fans all around the world. From such a real portrayal of characters, Kaiu Shirai brings every individual into the story and makes it in the top viewing list of 2019.

The story is much more than a dark fantasy thriller. It has 12 episodes containing suspense, thriller, enchanting characters, and societal themes. With each episode, you feel more inclined towards the characters and their feelings. The way to approach the audiences’ feelings makes it win the Best Fantasy in the Crunchyroll 2020 Anime Awards. Moreover, IGN includes it in the list of the best anime of the decade. From the awards and the tags, you can feel the dynamicity of this series.

The Promised Neverland: What It has for You

norman the promised neverland

The story depicts the life of some children living in an orphanage named Grace Field House. With this storyline, you might feel that it is a kid story, but don’t be fooled by this because it is more than that. You will not feel bored and disappointed even from the first episode. Norman is the main protagonist who plans an escape for all the children. When the viewer reaches the end, they acknowledge that Isabella is the antagonist who prevents Norman, Emma, and Ray’s escape to freedom.

Well, there are lots of antagonists too but the way Isabella portrays her characters is quite unusual. You will witness the diversity of human behaviors with these characters. Involving such characters creates hype among fans. Though it is really a vast description of characteristics, the most loved one character of the story is none other than the protagonist Norman. Mentioned below are some of the key episodes in Norman the Promised Neverland where Norman proves his superiority among others.

The Way He Thinks Makes Him Unique

The Way He Thinks Makes Him Unique

The series has shown us several episodes that portray him as unique with his thinking capability. Not only does he receive better marks in the orphanage but also predicts the actions of the future. He foretells the activity that any character in the story will be going to perform. As mentioned above, Isabella is the antagonist, so whenever the battle occurs, Norman shows his power to the enemy.

Having the Best Strategy Ability Among Others

Most of the children in the orphanage get excited while playing tag. However, no one can defeat Norman. He is considered to be one of the best players of tag. Later, we figure out that tag is not a basic game, it needs some strategies to win.

That means Norman has developed those abilities and ideas that can settle any opponents instantly. Emma and Ray also praise Norman for being so driven against all the things that question his intelligence and strategies. He does not misuse his talents and turns out to be the messiah of all other children of The Promised Neverland.

Explorer Mind With the Wish of Travelling the World

 Explorer Mind With the Wish of Travelling the World

Later, when the tag game finishes, all of the children settle and talk about their wishes. We have seen lots of orphans like Phil who wants to know how a train looks, Don who just wants to have a girlfriend, Gilda wants to try several other attires as the children only wear the white uniform. But, our hero Norman, as usual, different from others, wants to travel the whole world.

Every child brings their desires to others and when we heard of Norman, we cannot think of anyone better than him playing the role of protagonist. From this episode, we also get to know that the children who have left the orphanage will never come to meet again. Also, it brings a cruel picture of the orphanage which never shows them the real world and even a person from that world.

Conny’s Corpse Tells the Hidden Truth of The Orphanage
Conny’s Corpse Tells the Hidden Truth of The Orphanage

This episode turns out to be the most crucial in revealing the reality of the Orphanage. Conny was one of the figures in the series. She always carries her stuffed animal toy. But, she left it behind after being adopted. Norman and Emma find that toy and run over to give it back.

But, they become terrified by seeing the corpse of Conny. From this part, they acknowledge that all of the other children are not usually adopted but sent to demons. Isabella works with these demons and provides them with the meat of the children. Noman tells Emma to not reveal anything about this situation. This episode of Norman the Promised Neverland informs us about the brutality of the orphanage, demons, and Isabella who is also a demon from the inside.

Norman Speaks his Heart Out to Gilda and Don

Norman Speaks his Heart Out to Gilda and Don norman the promised neverland

Ray is already aware of the truth of the orphanage while Gilda and Don get to know it from Norman’s mouth. Don takes it as a joke but Gilda knows about some suspicious activities taking shape in the surroundings. Rather than these four figures, we have acknowledged Ray who is also aware of the existence of demons.

The team now grows from 2 to 5 members. They undertake tasks to meet the escape. Moreover, plan to indulge other children in a tag that will train them to escape from this disastrous place. The portrayal of the tag is not more than a character who hides within some strategic ways to develop the kids’ minds.

Ray Is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Norman gets to learn that someone from their side is betraying. That means, the person provides all the support and help to fulfill Isabella and the demons’ needs. Then, Norman plans a method that will help in exposing the convict. For that, he uses a rope and hides in four different locations. He informs about the right location of the ropes to Gilda and Don except for Ray.

It is a plan for Norman to expose Ray and he gets successful in it. Even after acknowledging his true self, Norman tries to keep his siblings motivated and tells them Ray only acts like this in their favor. So that they all can fight together against the evil minds of the promised Neverland. Keeping it a secret shows how beautiful Norman is inside out. From all these little glimpses and episodes, Norman marks a special place in the audiences’ hearts.  Another masterpiece you will fall in love with- High Rise Invasion

Find Out The Cliff on the Other Side of the Wall

The Cliff on the Other Side of the Wall norman the promised neverland

Now the children made a plan of climbing over the wall to escape. As Norman is set for the adoption which means Isabella prepares him next to be the demon’s meal. So, he concludes that he would try and escape first. Norman arranges everything for the escape and in his endeavor, he discovers a cliff. In order to check the way of escape, he walks towards it. Ray and Emma still think that Norman has escaped but they find him in front of them speaking about the truth that he witnesses from his naked eye.

Siblings come First for Norman

It is not just his intelligence and plan of escape that makes him a protagonist but also his notion of being present to all of his siblings. We have seen how Norman wishes to die for his siblings rather than make an alone escape. Norman bids goodbye to Ray and Emma, thanks, and hugs them for everything they did for him. Emma, who always presents on Norman’s side cannot see him going like this. She knows that something is still suspicious so tries to prevent him from going. But, Norman keeps staying on his decision. Every child of the orphanage cried at his departure. He is not just a Norman but much more than anyone could ask for.

Norman’s Fate- What Will he Face Next in Norman the Promised Neverland

norman the promised neverland

Isabella prepares for the death of Norman and takes him to the gate. Here, we get no appearance of demons but a room from where he goes inside. When he makes his way into the room, the audience sees him gasping without knowing what has happened to him.

Emma and Ray Planning

Well, we get to know that Norman is no more. Thereafter, Emma and Ray lose hope of escaping in Norman the Promised Neverland. But, all of sudden, Ray offered a plan to burn himself that will attract demons towards him and all of the other children can make an easy escape.

In order to save Ray from sacrificing himself, Emma with Ray set the orphan on fire and construct this escape. If you want to see what will happen next then whether she succeeds or not then wait for the next season.

Through this characterization, we can understand how the idea of Freedom brings a little despair in our eyes. But, once you get it then there will be no turning backs.

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