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Super Mario Run App
Written by Michael Clark

Guess what is releasing on the 15th of December, only 3 days from now? If you ask any tech savvy person this question, then the moment you finish your question, the reply will come hurtling at you because the Super Mario Run is releasing on that date and it has been one of the most widely anticipated games for a smartphone. We are all acquainted with this character because we have all grown up with it on TV video games and even on our phones.

Super Mario Run Apk

The Italian man with a big mustache is perhaps one of the most famous video game characters of all time. Considering the various versions and modifications of the game that has been released, the popularity is natural. After the viral success of Pokemon Go and Slither, it is anticipated that this game will also have a huge launch. And will subsequently become the most downloaded game on every official app store. Without further ado, let us take a look at what makes this game so special.

Super Mario Run features:

  • One of the biggest reason why this game is so widely anticipated is because it’s a one finger game. You can only use 1 finger to play the game while you can keep your other hand completely free. Most games that we play on our smartphones engages both hands but this one being an automatic running game, you will only have to be concerned about jumping through obstacles and collecting coins.
  • So, the interesting thing is not only the fact that you can control the game using only one finger of any one hand but the numerous moves that you can also accomplish. What I mean to say is you can not only jump but also depending on the way your finger works it will jump in many different ways and you can even stop while running, halt and do flips at the same time. This game is absorbing because you will be going against the established methods of running with the character in a game.

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  • All this fun does not mean that you will loiter around the place. You will notice a timer at the top of the screen which will be the cause of your death. If you do not complete one round before the timer gets to 0.
  • There are also collectible coins in the game through which you can get rewards. Gold coins are normally available while there are pink coins that are hidden throughout the round. If you are successful in getting every one of them in one round, then you can get to the purple coin stage. The popular coins are located in places you will not believe and, therefore, collecting them requires a high level of skill and if you have become a master, then it is time that you collected all the purple coins in one round and moved on to the last stage which is the black coin stage.


  • That is the basic premise of the gameplay of Super Mario Run. Since we have covered most of it, let us now focus on the modes that the developers have provided so that the game does not get monotonous. There are namely 3 modes in the game which include the World Tour, the Toad Rally, and the Kingdom Builder. The World Tour involves completing rounds in different worlds. It is like the normal Mario game that we are used to playing. The Toad Rally involves outscoring real world opponents. The last one is the Kingdom Builder where you can create and develop your own kingdom with buildings and other such stuff.
Super Mario Run App

Super Mario Run App

How to install Super Mario Run iPhone?

  • Come December 15th and you can download the Super Mario Run game from the iTunes store. It will be free to download and play. But it will contain only 3 rounds of the World Tour and a 20-second demo. If you feel the need to unlock the full version then you will need to spend $7.99 .
  • If compatibility is your question, then let me inform you. It will run on most iOS devices except those below the iPhone 5S.

This is a new concept that seeks to incorporate a TV video game, into a mobile phone. People are used to playing this game on big screen TVs using joysticks with both hands engaged. But this time, it will be different in the aspect. You’ll use only one hand. The screen will be considerably smaller. Also, you will not need to press switches in order to make it run.

The graphics of the game,include the same type of surrounding that was there previously. In HD, it certainly looks better along with the new additions. Well, it is time now to find out and it is just three days away!

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