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High-Rise Invasion Characters: Everything You Need To Know!

High Rise Invasion Characters
Written by Richard SG

High Rise Invasion is one of the top-rated Netflix Anime Series & has created a strong Anime fanbase. They have many characters & the High Rise Invasion characters compete to become the Almighty “God”. Today, we will go through all the major characters of High Rise Invasion.

High-Rise Invasion Characters

This is not any kind of spoiler My Friend!! Just a brief look into the characters performing brilliant roles in High Rise Invasion Season 2 & more.

God Candidates

High Rise Invasion Characters


  • Action Girl
  • Ambiguously Gay
  • Badass Adorable
  • She does Beyond the Impossible
  • Big Brother Worship
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Pragmatic Hero
  • Guns Akimbo is her primary weapon
  • Cloudcuckoolander


  • Amnesiac Hero
  • She has power to activate the Gigantic Rail Gun using her cellphone.
  • She has powers of Brain Uploading
  • Precocious Crush
  • Mortality Pet
  • She has the ability to Deprogram.
  • Mysterious Waif


  • Arc Villain
  • He turned down to become God & treats people in the Antenna Building
  • Believes Yuri is a God Candidate & becomes his Ally
  • He has the ability “Time Stands Still”

The Prophet

  • Non-Action Guy
  • He wants to go back and be with his sister-in-law
  • He is a Yuri ally & chooses him over Aikawa


High Rise Invasion Characters


  • Badass Normal
  • Big Brother Instinct
  • Brainwashed & Crazy
  • Combat Pragmatist
  • He has the ability of “Hyper Awareness”
  • He is the leader
  • The Smart Guy & Strategist


  • He has Heroic Willpower.
  • Yamanami is a Genre Savvy working with Yuri in the quest for the Plot Armor.
  • He is a suspect of a mask that wielded a drill into his eyes.


  • Uzuki Kusakabe is an ally of Yuri.
  • He is inspired to find his mother.
  • He had a physical weakness with wits but managed to turn around into a mature person hoping to survive the massacre surrounding him.



Sniper Mask “The Second Judge”

  • He has different nicknames. Mr. Mask, for Kuon & Yu-chan, for Rika. 
  • Amnesiac Hero
  • He is a cold Sniper.
  • He was mistaken to be Yuri’ brother but he had faced Rika before meeting Yuri.
  • Sniper Maks was the one who killed the Jerkass Cop.
  • He is an ally of Kuon, who cannot be hurt by the Masks.
  • He has access to all the rail guns after Kuon’s death.


  • Dark Action Girl.
  • She is a cute girl but is stronger than other angels.
  • The nose is an ally of Yuri.
  • She is a knife nut.
  • She is the lancer to Yuri.

The Great Angel

  • He is the most powerful of all the masks.
  • He has the power of “Bullet Catch”.
  • The Great Angel can defeat the attacks of Railgun Blasting.
  • He is a perfect match for the Guardian Angel.


  • He is a Fragile Speedster.
  • She is named after the German word for “One”.
  • Ein has Aohara’s abilities.
  • She has the ability “Time Stands Still”.

Aikawa’s Party and Allies

Aikawa's Party and Allies


  • He is violent and has control of over 30 masks. 
  • Arc & Pragmatic Villain
  • Social Darwinist
  • Thanatos Gambit
  • He is killed by a Tanabe possessed by the Administrator. 


  • Aikawa’s right hand.
  • She is an ally of Aikawa that helps him in taking control of the rail gun. 
  • She is a fair cop.
  • Kusakabe is Uzuki’s mother.
  • She uses the whip as her primary weapon. 

Swimmer Mask

  • He is a mask with a swimmer outfit. 
  • He uses special gloves for his attack.
  • Swimmer Mask is a beast for Kusakabe.
  • He dies from the hands of Yuri. 

White Feather Mask

  • He is an angel with a robin hood outfit.
  • He is a cold sniper.
  • White Feather Mask is a hero killer.

Student Mask

Juo’s Allies & Hostages

High-Rise Invasion Character Juo’s Allies & Hostages


  • He is the one who became Close to God.
  • He refuses Yuri’s help by Flipping the Bird and falls to Death.
  • Juo’s real name is Emiri.
  • He is a villain and has the strength to resist the Faceless Mask.
  • He has the ability of “Mind Manipulation”
  • Juo is a total sociopath.


  • He is an ally of Rika. 
  • He also joined Jou afterwards to fight the Faceless Masks. 
  • Okihara wears a cowboy hat & a poncho.
  • He has enhanced firepower with his gun.


  • Ambiguously Gay
  • Non-Action & Nice Guy
  • He could have been the God candidate but he is full of fear & resentment. 
  • He goes missing after the final battle. 
  • Yoshida is an ally of the Administrator. 
  • He possesses the skills to control masks. 
  • He is a victim for Demon Possession by the Administrator. 



Maid Mask

  • Maid mask is the first strong mask & she is the first mask that meets Yuri.
  • She wears the outfit of a maid.
  • Ms. Exposition
  • She uses a hand-sized sickle as her weapon. 
  • She is not fooled by Yuri’ lies. 

Higher-Ups of the High-Rise World

Higher-Ups of the High-Rise World

Guardian Angels

Angry Masks

They are a group with angry faces covered with masks called the Guardian Angels. They have advanced skills & control over things that an ideal mask/angel can never have.  

Miko Mask
  • She is Ax-Crazy.
  • She uses the weapon “Anti-Material Rifle”.
  • Miko Mask has defeated four masks sent by Aikawa.
  • She is determined to destroy human life. 
Automatic Weapon Mask
  • He uses a powerful automatic weapon.
  • He is the protector of the helicopter. 
  • Automatic Weapon Mask is killed by Okihara.
Automatic Rifle Mask 2
  • He is a cheerful Guardian Angel. 
  • Yuri & Automatic Rifle Mask 2 work together to get the third God Code.
  • He is the Unfought.
Dealer Mask
  • She is a Guardian Angel with the clothes of a dealer carrying a rifle.
  • Ms. Exposition
  • She is friends with Yuri & Miko Mask.
  • She is a sane woman and not like other Guardian Angels. 
Wrestler Mask
  • He is a mask dressed as a wrestler. 
  • The wrestler mask is all set to fight against Rika.
  • He is a polite masked man that protects other humans in the building.
  • He is a consummate professional.
Hammer Mask
  • He is the most powerful mask of the High-Rise World.
  • He appears as a little girl with a hammer. 
  • Hammer Mask is the killer of the Administrator.



The Administrator

  • He is the master of the High-Rise World.
  • The Administrator has the ability to take over souls & bodies of masks & people.
  • He is the reason for all the events so far.
  • He was powerful but failed in becoming God.
  • The Supervisor Turned against him after he got caught with his trickery to get to Yuri.
  • The Administrator is a misogynist. 

The Supervisor

  • He is the manager of the whole world. 
  • The Supervisor is the real force for everything around the world 
  • He is just a program and when the system is down, he takes decisions based on some rules.
  • His programming lets Floor 9 kill the Administrator and declares Yuri the ultimate winner.  

Final Say!!

The High Rise Invasion anime is definitely one of the best anime on Netflix. Our article is a storyline of all the high rise invasion manga characters. From the humans to the God candidates, we have covered it all. We hope you enjoy our way of getting all the High Rise Invasion characters in line.    

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