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Nidus Warframe: A Gaming Review (Complete Guide)

Warframe Nidus: A Gaming Review (Complete Guide)
Written by Richard SG

Nidus is one of the seriously fascinating Warframes with regards to the game, with different capacities that feed each other. It may very well be somewhat hard to become acclimated to playing Nidus Warframe at first on account of his intriguing capacities, yet numerous players have had the option to sort out some way to make the best use of him. Follow these tips to boost his latent capacity.

Nidus: Introduction

Warframe Nidus: Introduction

Nidus, otherwise called the infested Warframe, first returned to the game in 2016. The arrival of this character in Warframe acquired another questline for players. It additionally got new weapons and another breed of pet.

Nidus’ prime capacities work somewhat better than other characters in Warframe. By going through these tips, however, players can make him Godly. 

How To Get Nidus?

First off, players need to finish the Glast Gambit mission before they can get Nidus. Finishing this quest will open Nidus’ Warframe blueprint, however, the parts are as yet expected to really get Nidus prime. To get Nidus’ parts, players should go to Eris.

On Eris, players should finish the Infested Salvage mission. They will get Nidus’ Torso, neuroleptics, & Frame as remunerations for finishing C revolutions in the mission. Players can either leave subsequent to finishing one C revolution or stay and complete more. Each piece has a 14.30% drop possibility. Obviously, platers can likewise stay away from this in case they’re willing to pay 225 platinum in the marketplace.

Nidus Skills

Nidus Skills


Nidus’ fundamental skill is Virulence, which makes a flood of invaders shoot out across the ground and harm enemies. Every 5 enemies hit by this skill creates 1 Mutation stack as portrayed previously. This skill likewise gives energy back to Nidus for hitting enemies. 

Continuously try to hit whatever number of enemies could be allowed with this ability. This will produce more stacks and permit the player to get back however much energy as could reasonably be expected. The expand card for this ability gives Warframe Nidus Prime a buff when hitting opponents that increase his primary weapon’s basic hit possibility.

Passive Ability

Nidus has an intriguing inactive capacity, which can keep him alive in circumstances that other Warframes would typically die. Most importantly, recall that Nidus’ capacities create Mutation stacks. These stacks assist with his capacities, however, his capacities additionally devour his stacks. 

Nidus’ inactive capacity permits him to be resurrected as long as he has 15 stacks of Mutation. Make certain to set aside those Mutation stacks in intense battles.


Nidus’ second skill, Larva, is intended to work with his first ability. This ability generates a parasite that pulls encompassing opponents into it. The enemies get crushed into a huge lump, bunching them together. 

Players should utilize this skill frequently before Virulence, with the goal that Nidus can hit however many enemies as could be expected under these circumstances and get more stacks. The increase in this capacity permits Nidus prime to reactivate this skill to make it explode and cause a lot of AOE harm & damage. Another game like Warframe Nidus is Pokemon Sword Destiny. You will surely like the adventure.


Nidus’ other capacity that burns through Mutation stacks rather than energy is Ravenous. This capacity burns through 3 Mutation stacks to make an enormous swarmed region on the ground. This region is shrouded in parasites, which will append themselves to enemies at whatever point they draw near. 

Opponents that are hit by the maggots will produce Mutation stacks for Nidus. Players can likewise harm the maggots by hitting an enemy with Virulence. Annihilating a parasite causes an AOE burst that harms close enemies and heals your allies.

Parasitic Link

Parasitic Link is the first skill of Nidus’ that doesn’t cost any energy. All things considered, this capacity just costs 1 Mutation stack to actuate. 

Enacting this capacity will tie Nidus to the enemy he is pointing at. The enemy will take a huge segment of the harm that Nidus takes, making it an extraordinary capacity to use for endurance. The tethered opponent will likewise initiate Virulence at whatever point Nidus does, and will shoot the similar way as Nidus.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Nidus

Warframe Nidus

Nidus is extraordinary at crowd control & helping allies. He can assume the job of control during survival missions and plagued missions, by keeping enemies gathered up and pounding them with assaults. 

Nidus’ capacities are intended to take on enormous enemy groups instead of for one-on-one battles. Warframe Nidus can be utilized for defense missions and his Ravenous capacity can cover the goal, yet it isn’t just about as viable as other Warframe Nidus skills.

Nidus: How To Build?

Nidus is best when working with a ton of capacity, reach, and strength. He doesn’t have to stress over energy as much as other Warframes. Just two of Nidus’ skills require energy, and one of them gives energy back for hitting enemies. 

Last Thoughts!!

This post is a detailed gaming guide for gamers looking for a review on Warframe Nidus. From the skills to obtaining Nidus, everything is covered in our content. We hope you obtain Nidus soon and Go on a killing spree in the game with special Nidus’ abilities & skills. 

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