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Download Pokémon GO on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Pokémon GO
Written by Michael Clark

Pokémon GO is the new trend that has been on the news, on the social networking sites. This game is even unavoidable in public places, no matter whether you are on your way to work or just taking a stroll in the park. It has virtually taken over the world around us. It is fairly impossible that you have not come across groups of people walking here and there with their eyes glued to their mobile screens yet. This particular augmented reality role-playing game has also remained on the top most downloaded game in almost all of the countries where it has been released.

Due to the popularity and the enormous number of players who have taken into the game, the servers are not being able to maintain stability. Hence, the developers at Niantic Labs are working harder to get this app to release in as many countries as possible at the earliest. The more it spreads, the lesser the load on the servers.

However, the game has not only been in the news for the craze. There have been reports of accidents where Pokémon GO has a role to play. There was a report of a car accident on a major road as a driver stopped in the middle of the road to catch a Pokémon. And there have been more than one incidents of stampedes in the past three weeks.

Now, isn’t it astonishing and astounding that only a mere mobile game could cause all of that? Let us see what this is all about. And after that, you will find a complete tutorial for downloading and installing Pokémon GO on your iPhone or even your iPad without a jailbreak. So read till the end of the article.

Pokémon GO: The Sensation That It Is

While we are all aware of how crazy people have gone with this app, we can not find the exact selling point of Pokémon GO. When we talk about a gaming app going viral, it is mostly because of its interesting and engaging gameplay. But to prove that this notion is not a hundred percent correct, Pokémon GO has arrived.


The gameplay of this game is quite easy. One can even say that it is deceptively simple. Well, at least at the moment it is. This augmented reality game lets the players assume the role of a Pokémon collector and trainer. The application takes account of the user’s location at all times that the game is open. The players have to walk around the neighborhood to locate and catch as many Pokémons as they can. The aim is to complete the Pokédex. But there is a catch. The developers had said in press conferences that they urge the players to travel, even across the globe to find new Pokémons. Will it ever be possible to complete the Pokédex then?

However, there is another aim. Apart from Pokémons scattered here and there in the map, there are also Pokéstops and gyms. While Pokéstops help the players get free goodies like Pokéballs and stuff, the gyms are there for battles. The aim is to take over the gym and appoint one of your Pokémon there to guard the gym and fight all the challengers. Also, it is a point to get as many as gyms possible under your team’s banner. You see, you get to pick which team you want to join from three options. The options are Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct. Each team has different colors. The gym is painted with the color of the winning team in the map. Though there is no way to know how exactly it adds up, it is still fun.

Pokémon GO

Possible Selling Point:

I wrote ‘possible selling point’ because there is no way to know for sure. At least not yet. However, after carefully observing the trend, I have been able to identify three things which might be the reason for such an overwhelming response.

The first point is the fairly easy gameplay. All you need to do is walk around and swipe your fingers across the screen to catch a Pokémon or to fight a battle. And you never get tired of exploring the new species of Pokémons that there are.

Secondly, we can not just overrule the craze that Pokémon cartoon was. The cartoon series had become widely watched across countries. And Pokémon Go comes the closest to the plot of the cartoon series.

And the third but the most important point is the social interaction. Pokémon GO compels the people to go out of their homes to play the game. It also compels you to interact with other players in real time and real life. There have been many games which let the users communicate with each other via their platform. But this app makes the users interact with each other outside the gameplay. This societal aspect builds a sense of community. And this is perhaps the most pertinent reason behind this soaring success of the app.

Downloading Pokémon GO:

As I have already mentioned, Pokémon GO is the new it. And it goes without saying that people are looking for a way to download Pokémon GO, just like any other popular app which is not even released in their country. And yes, we call it unfair that a few countries get the privilege of using the app way before we do. But, where there is a will there is a way.

We all are aware of the fact that getting apps on Android is a little easier than getting the same on iOS. And hence, this article is here. So here are two ways of getting the app to run on your iOS device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, without jailbreak.

Method 1:

The first method involves getting a new Apple ID. So follow the set of instructions below.

  • Open the iTunes App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Sign Out from your existing account.
  • Now tap on the ‘Apps’ tab on the ‘View’ menu.
  • Look for the option of changing country or region.
  • Now change it to a country where the game has been released.
  • Now search for the app Pokémon GO.
  • Tap on Install.
  • You will be prompted to sign in with or sign up for Apple ID.
  • Sign Up.
  • Pick the same country as you have mentioned earlier.
  • Provide a valid address from that country.
  • Upon the account creation, the app will be installed on your device.

You can now access the app anytime you want to right from your iOS device.

Method 2:

Get Pokémon GO app for iOS Without Jailbreak here.

The method 2 is simpler than the first one.

  • Clear all history data from the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now open Safari Browser.
  • Go to the link provided above.
  • Tap on the ‘Download Now’ button.
  • Next, you will be shown two options; Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak.
  • Pick the Non-Jailbreak one and hit ‘Download’.
  • A pop-up window will appear asking whether you want to install the app Pokémon GO from this place.
  • Tap on Install. This will install the application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now go to the Device’s Settings Menu.
  • Go to General, and from there to Profiles.
  • Trust the profile for the Pokémon GO app.

Now you can open the app anytime you want and get busy to catch the Pokémons. However, this only works if the local servers of your country are working.

So go out and be safe! Catch ’em all!

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