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PokéMesh App- Real Time Map For Pokémon Go Download

Written by Michael Clark

All Pokemon GO Players around the world have reasons for being both happy and unhappy with the latest update to the original app. Niantic Labs, the makers of this tremendously popular Augmented Reality or AR gaming application, recently had given out an update for the first released version. All users have immediately updated their applications for a better experience. And the gameplay has honestly developed much more with the new update to keep up with the expectation of the users. On the other hand, the update has stopped almost all the unofficial tracking applications. This particular development was not really welcomed by the users because those apps made it much easier for them to play the game. And while this stands the truth, PokeMesh remains one app that is still open to use.

The recent update completely banned application like Poke Radar, PokeVision despite the fact that a lot of users were taking resort of these applications. Both the applications mentioned above and the likes of it had a similar function. These apps let the users know about the Pokemon that is nearby. And in addition to this, these apps often included maps that marked the places where Pokemon sightings are more frequent. And the users who are mourning the loss of these seemingly invaluable apps in playing Pokemon GO are on the lookout for a similar application. And PokeMesh is one of the only few applications that are working brilliantly still.

The developers at the Niantic Labs stated that they had decided to ban these third party applications because it not only ruined the gameplay as they are hoping to develop, but also because these apps are slowing down the main app itself. And even a layman can understand that this is actually quite true. The players often faced server problems due to the uncontrollable number of players using the app. And to add to this, these third party applications also use the data from the Pokemon GO servers. Thus the result was a slow loading experience for all the users in general. But thank heavens that this ban did not include all of the third party apps.

What Is PokeMesh:

I think it is quite evident from whatever I have written that PokeMesh is a Pokemon Tracking application. And the best part is that it still works. The app works in a similar way as the other apps. It takes account of your GPS location and your Pokemon GO account information. With this information, it lets you know where you are regarding the location of Pokemon.

In case you have not used Pokemon GO or any of the third party applications as of yet, you must be wondering what is the need for these apps. You see, Pokemon GO is designed in a way that you need to keep the app open at all times to see whether there are Pokemon near your location. And while the app is open it keeps using the background light and GPS location and internet balance and the camera of the device. All of these put together results in a rapid drainage in the battery power. And you have to admit that this is quite inconvenient as well.

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Many smart techies saw this as an opportunity and developed their own applications that use the Pokemon GO account details and the GPS location of a Pokemon GO player to tell them whenever there is a Pokemon nearby. With the help of these applications, the users get notified every time there is a Pokemon around their location without the Pokemon GO app open. These apps mainly work in the background and thus consume less power. And in the process, saves a lot of battery life. And it is safer as well. After all, we wouldn’t want to get in any accidents because we are too engrossed in the game, would we?

What Makes PokeMesh Work Still:

With most of the apps gone, it is quite interesting that PokeMesh still manages to work. How do they manage to run despite the repeated attempts by the intelligent and genius developers at the Niantic Labs! It is a mystery indeed. But all of that mystery lies within the regular updates that the developers of PokeMesh give out. They keep making little changes within their privacy policy with each update in a way that the tweaks are enough to get this app outside the spectrum of apps that are now banned.

How To Download PokeMesh:

I am sure that after reading all that I have written till now is reason enough for you to want to install this app. It is a must-have essential for all the Pokemon GO lovers across the world. And why wouldn’t that be? All of us, Pokemon Trainers and aspiring ones, want to catch them all. And what better and easier way of completing that entire Pokedex, or at least the released one as of yet, than taking the help of this outstanding third party application named PokeMesh.

Get The PokeMesh App Here.

However, the app is still not available on the Google Play Store. In order to get this application to run successfully on an Android device we first need to get hold of the apk file. After getting the apk file, we can easily install the PokeMesh app. This process is widely used for getting the apps that are not available in the play store. It is also used to get older versions of applications instead of the latest ones.

You can get hold of the apk file from any mirror website that hosts this application. You can also get the apk file from the link provided in this article. It is advised that you make a note of the storage location for ease of access.

Installing the app using the apk file:

After getting the apk, the first thing we need to do is get your phone adaptable enough to install the application. To get this flexibility go to Settings>Security>Device Administration. Check the option that reads Unknown Sources.

Now follow the instructions as directed below.

  • Locate and tap on the apk file.
  • If prompted pick the Package Installer.
  • A prompt window with all the access permission will open.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on the Install button.
  • Now, wait till the app is properly installed.
  • After the process is complete, go to the home screen of your Android device.
  • Open the Menu.
  • Locate and tap on the PokeMesh app to run it.

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