Exodus On Roku

Are you a streaming geek? And are you searching here and there for the method of using Exodus On Roku? Did you find anything relevant? No matter what is your answer, but we can definitely understand that still, your tiring search doesn’t get its result- that’s why you land up here. And finally, you can expect that we are going to put an end to your hassle.

However, Roku is a streaming device that lets you stream over a variety of contents anywhere anytime. But there are some limitations that can be an obstacle between you and your favorite entertainment packages.

Exodus On Roku

As in, this cord cutter streaming device provides a paid subscription service. Sometimes, it becomes too much for us to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Next, the thing is you can’t even jailbreak Roku to watch your favorite content.
So, if you want to watch any content for free on Roku, additional apps are required. And here comes Kodi- plays a major role to give you a full quotient of entertainment.

Once you install Kodi on Roku you will get free passageways to install the third-party add-ons to get free contents. And Exodus is one of the best Kodi add-ons. So, you can have Exodus on Roku to get the full scoop! Wondering how? Here is the guidance in a few scrolls. Give us few minutes to unveil the tricks one by one. We are only asking for your patience.

Hence, scroll down to have a clear view.

What Is Roku?

As we have said earlier, Roku is a variety of streaming devices that are manufactured and specially designed by the Roku incorporation. It, allows the streaming geek people like you, to stream with a large collection of contents. So, yes you can stream your favorite content anytime with the help of this cord cutting streaming device. Once you start with Roku you will see, there are some pre-installed applications like Hulu, RT, Fubo TV, Xfinity, The Blaze, Showtime Redbox, Tubi TV, Sling TV and many more. These apps are here to let you stream your desired show.

Always keep in mind that, all of these applications ask for a subscription to stream anything. So if you don’t pay you can’t watch anything.

What to do then? Just pay and have the entertainment or just say bye to your favorite shows?
Well, there are a few ways that can let you watch your desired content for free! Yes, it is possible, and to make this possible Kodi is here.

Now, you need to look below to know the further tricks.

Is Kodi On Roku?

Very often we come across with a question- “Is Kodi On Roku!” but so many sources have failed to answer properly. But we have found out what is actually behind the scene. We have researched for so many days and finally came up with the proper answer!

So, what’s the answer is? Let’s know that.

Not actually! Yes, Kodi is not actually in Roku. But yes there are some ways to add Kodi on Roku. You can’t install Kodi directly on Roku. The main reason behind this limitation is the inbuilt programs of Roku. As in, whatever operating system Roku uses it doesn’t let you have Kodi directly. The operating system of Roku is customized Linux OS and generally known as Roku OS. Even the Roku Channel Store doesn’t provide Roku in its library.

And being a streaming player itself, Kodi is available on many platforms. But Roku has disappointed many of the streamers like you by not availing Kodi.

Now, it’s time to know the tricks of having Kodi on Roku. Because this is the only way of having Exodus on Roku.

How To Install Kodi On Roku?

As you already know, Roku doesn’t let you stream free movies so, you can only avail them on Roku if you install Kodi for your Roku Account. Two different platforms are there to install it, one is your Windows PC and the next one is your Android Tv. If you use to stream with Roku via your Windows PC then go for the first method. But if you like to watch your favorite show on your Android TV, then go for the second method. Both of the processes are explained here. Now, perform as per the guidance and have Kodi On Roku. You can say that it’s the first step of having Exodus on Roku.

Kodi On Roku

Let’s Proceed,

Kodi on Roku Using Windows PC

The most basic and commonly used platform for Kodi is Windows PC. That’s why we have decided to provide the methods for Windows PC firstly. Follow the below steps to get the installation process done.

  • At first, boot your PC and go to the Start Menu
  • Then, go to the Windows Search Bar and search for ‘Device Settings’
  • Now, click on Add Device
  • After that, a list of options will appear, you have to click on Roku and it will be added as your streaming device

So, perform these steps one by one to get the access of Kodi on your Roku device by Screen Casting. Without wasting much time, just Screen Cast it! And be one step closer to the process of having Exodus on Roku.

Kodi on Roku Using Android Smart TV

There are so many people who use Roku on Android Smart Tv. That’s why we have found some dedicated ways to add Kodi on Roku. Look below to have the scoop!

  • Firstly, open your device
  • Now, head to the Roku home screen
  • Next, you need to click on Settings
  • Then, hit the System Update button to update your device to Roku Software Build 5.2 or any upgraded version
  • After that, go back to Settings
  • Now, click on the Screen Mirroring option and enable it
  • Finally, click the Ok button

That’s it! You are done with the processes of having Kodi on Roku. So, what’s next? Well, our tricks for adding Exodus On Roku is waiting for you. Scroll now.

How To Add Exodus On Roku?

Now that you have added Kodi on your Roku account, you can perform the steps of adding Exodus On Roku.
Before proceeding towards the installation process, we would like to tell you what actually Exodus is?

Exodus is one of the most praised and most downloaded Kodi add-ons. You can stream all of your favorite movies, TV shows, videos, without paying a penny. Moreover, this add-on allows you to download the videos you are watching. So, get Exodus On Roku now and enjoy your favorite shows!

Look below to know the process,

Installation Guide

  • Firstly, open your Kodi Device and go to the home page
  • Next, you need to click on the gear icon or setting icon of the home screen
  • Open the File Manager now, on the next screen
  • Then, you need to click on the Add Source to add the repository file
  • Next, you will find a dialog box is appearing in the following screen, you need to double-click on the None button
  • After that, you need to put the path for the repository without any mistake
  • Next, you have to give a name to the repo file
  • It’s time to go back to your home screen by pressing ESC key
  • You have to tap on Add-ons next, it will be at the left side of the screen
  • Now, you need to tap on the unzipper icon placed in the left corner
  • Click on Install from Zip file to install the required zip file
  • Finally, you will see a pop-up is appearing asking you to install the add-on, you need to tap on settings to enable it
  • Now, press ESC after turning on the Unknown sources, it will take you to the previous page
  • Click on the install from the zip file to proceed
  • Then, choose that file you have saved earlier with your desired name
  • Now, choose 1.Smash.Repo.zip, that is required repo, tap on OK next

You are done with the installing process now, and all set to use Exodus On Roku! So, now you should know about how to use Exodus On Roku? Look Below.

How To Use Exodus On Roku?

So far, you have seen how to install exodus on Roku, now know how to use Exodus On Roku. Follow these below steps to use in the proper way.

  • After the installations process of the repo file, tap on the install from the repository option to get Exodus On Kodi
  • Now you will find various add-ons are available in your system, double-click on the Smash Repo
  • Under this repo go to the video add-ons portion to open the video add-ons. You will see a list full of add-ons that you can use to watch any show. Choose Exodus from the list
  • Next, open your exodus and press the installation button
  • Once the installation process gets completed you will receive a notification, then click on the Exodus again
  • Finally, you will see the list of movies, videos and other contents, choose from them and stream

That’s all! You are done with the process of having Exodus On Roku. Now sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and stream your favorite show. Let the entertainment begin!