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Flappy Bird App Download-Apk File For Android

flappy bird
Written by Michael Clark

We all look for a game which keeps us interested at all times. And there are not a lot of games of that sort for sure. However, when we are competing in a game, it keeps us interested. And as Monica from FRIENDS had said once, the best competition is the one with yourself. Flappy Bird does exactly that. This game apparently looks simple, but we all know how looks can be deceptive. So, here is a brief introduction to the app. And you will also find a complete installation guide for Android devices near the end of this article.

When I mentioned Flappy Bird, I should have also mentioned that this game had been a hot favorite with gamers throughout the world. The game gained such popularity because it is so difficult to play even with the easy gameplay. Or the lack thereof. The game requires you to fly a pixelated bird without hitting on the green pipes. But the problem is, the bird is quite a bad flyer. And it also dies at the slightest contact with the green pipes. Did it start to seem challenging to you yet? If it still does not, then I suggest you to download the game on your Android or iOS device right now and play the game. Your first try at playing Flappy Bird is sure to end in despair within a matter of a few seconds.

Flappy Bird:

As I have already mentioned, this game is popular. A bit too much popular, if I may say so. All you need to do to play this game is to tap on the screen to keep the bird afloat. And make sure that you do not come in any contact with the green pipes at any time. It sounds all so very easy at first, but it is quite difficult. The bird does not want to fly you see. And it is almost as if it wants to touch the green pipes and die. It is hard to keep one alive when it does not cooperate with you.

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Point of Addiction:

The driving point of the game is that you are the only obstacle and the only competitor. That small two-digit number is there on the scoreboard is only because of you. And once you start playing the game, you get this unstoppable urge to beat your own score and make a higher two-digit score. And then a three digit. I remember that I had forgotten to blink, even breathe for that matter, when I was trying to beat my then high score.

And trust you me, once you start to feel that urge, there is no stopping you from playing Flappy bird at all times. Well, if not all times, then at least whenever you have a minute to spare.

Graphics Interface:

Apart from the game being so incredibly difficult despite its seemingly easy interface, the graphics of the game will seem familiar to you. But it will be only if you have played the Super Mario Games as a kid. Most early millennials have.  The green pipes, which are the obstacles in this game, bear a stark similarity to the green pipes from Super Mario games.

flappy bird

History and Background:

The developer, Dong Nguyen and his company dotGEARS, were criticized for the level of difficulty in this game. Yes, you definitely read it right. And the company also went through a lot of scorns and sneering for the plagiarized content in the graphics of the game. But, none of it managed to stop the game from going viral.

The game had topped the chart for the most downloaded game on both Android and iOS platforms. But, the developers had removed this game from both the App stores in 2014. The primary reason for the removal was that they felt that Flappy Bird was too addictive. Such guilt! But the surprising fact is after the game was removed from both the app stores by the creator, the mobiles that had the game as a pre-installed game app were put up for sale. Even auctions took place for mobiles that had the game in it. And the mobiles were sold for a much higher price.

But the game had resulted in such a sensation already that it could not be stopped. The surprising fact is after the game was removed from both the app stores, the mobiles that had the game as a pre-installed game app were put up for sale. Even auctions took place for mobiles that had the game in it. And the mobiles were sold for a much higher price.

After the game had been taken down, the other developers took it as their chance to do something. A lot of games kept popping up each day with similar name and similar gameplay. You’ll find many games that are apparently similar. But there is not as much fun in playing those games as it has with the original game. Isn’t it?

How to Download Flappy Bird on Android Devices:

Due to the absence of the game on the Google Play Store, it requires a little effort to get this game installed and running on your Android device. But while it requires a little effort, the process is quite easy. There are three distinct sets of instructions to follow. So here we go. Read the instructions carefully.

The first thing that we need to do is to get your phone ready. All Android phones come with preset settings which do not allow them to install applications from sources other than Google Play Store. We need to make a minor change in that area.

  • Go to Device Menu>Settings>Security>Device Administrator
  • Here look for an option marked as ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Enable that option.

The next step is to get hold of the Flappy Bird.apk file. You can Google it and get the apk file from any mirror website that you want. Just make sure that you are downloading from a safe internet site.

Get The Flappy Bird.apk File Here.

I have also added a link to this article which redirects you to a secure page from where you can get the apk file. So you can save yourself the trouble of browsing through a number of websites.

Also, you may download this apk file on some other device and then transfer it to your Android if you wish. Just remember to note the storage location of the apk file for ease of access.

Installing Flappy Bird App From the apk File:

This is the last step. You have to go through the first step as I have mentioned before this. Or else the app will not be able to install. You can change that configuration back to normal after the entire installation process is complete.

  • Tap on the apk file.
  • If prompted to pick an installer, select Package Installer.
  • It is imperative that you do not pick the Verify And Install option. If you do so, you will not be able to install the application.
  • After this, another confirmation page will appear.
  • Go through the access permissions required if you wish to.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that confirmation page and tap on Accept or Install as displayed.
  • Now, wait till the process is complete.
  • After a successful installation, go to the home screen of your Android phone or tablet.
  • Go to Menu and locate the Flappy Bird app.
  • Tap on it to launch and try to get a good score.

So that is all that you need to know about Flappy Bird. Enjoy the game and get busy in deafeating your own score.

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