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Written by Michael Clark

CricBuzz is the best app to keep yourself updated with the latest news and updates from the interesting world of cricket. This one application is so great that it even provides the users with a ball-to-ball live commentary right on their smartphones. CricBuzz is amazingly brilliant in a way that it works seamlessly to get the exact latest update to you. This is the next best thing to watch a live cricket match with your friends. And these lightning-fast updates are possible as the app itself has a great and speedy data configuration. So do not miss out on the latest cricket gig with this outstanding sports news app.


I am going to provide a brief overview of the features that have made cricket lovers and fanatics welcome and love the app. You will also find a detailed guide explaining the process of installation towards the end of this article.


There are way too many good things that can be said about this app. However, the one thing that deserves a special mention is the fact that this app is considered to be the best of the sports apps in the Google Play Store. And why will it not be! There are a lot of apps that are designed to give the users the latest updates, but no one does it better than CricBuzz.

User Interface:

Among the many features of this app, the first one to note is the user interface. The interface is designed in such a way that nobody will ever face a problem. The buttons and tabs are self-explanatory. There are clearly distinctive tabs for every different option.


The developers of the app who share the same name as the app took their time and included almost all relevant cricket series and matches in their database. They cover all the international cricket series that people watch and crave. This list includes ICC World Cup, IPL, Champions League T20, ICC World T20, and others.

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But it will not be fair to say that they only cover the international cricket matches and series. A lot of national and domestic series are also covered with the same diligence by the editorial team.


CricBuzz is a complete one-stop destination for all the scorekeeping needs for Cricket fanatics and fans. The developers analyzed their user base and understood that it consists mostly of Indians. And thus they decided to include many regional languages in which the user can follow their choice of the game on their app.

It goes without saying that the updates and commentary are there in English. But at the same time, the users can change it to the regional languages listed. Among those regional Indian languages, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telegu, and Kannada are supported as of yet. However, the developers released a whole different app with the same basic functions and the choices of languages. This app is named ‘CricBuzz in Indian Languages.’

Match Score Updates:

The features that I have mentioned above are basic features. But the features that resulted in this tremendous popularity of CricBuzz are the sports update and the various ways in which they present the updates. The one thing that is unusually attractive is the fact that CricBuzz gives a ball-to-ball live commentary of the game. With this comment section, the sadness of not being able to watch the game goes away a little. The live commentary makes it a little better for the user because it becomes easier to visualize the game as it is going on.

And if you don’t have enough balance to hear the lie match commentary, which by the way you can hear in English or your choice of Indian regional language, you can always go for the live score updates. When you open the app during a particular match, you will be able to see all the relevant information and score updates on the display screen. It is as simple as that.


The notification section serves many purposes. The most important of all is that you get notifications for the live score updates. And with this push notification service, you will never lag behind with the information about how your favorite team is performing. You get a notification at the end of every over and wicket.

And you can also set notifications for a match you are interested in. It works kind of like an alarm clock and reminder. You can make the app remind you of a match that you are interested in via a push notification. All you need to do is set a reminder.

Cricket News on CricBuzz:

We all agree that a decent sports app is never complete without sports news. And that is why the developers and the editorial team at CricBuzz have also included a whole new section for cricket. These news stories that they offer are all written by experts and contain high-quality content.

So you also get to keep up with the criticism as well as the match!

Cricket News on CricBuzz

Match Photos:

If you are completely bereft of watching the match, you at least deserve a few pictures, right? This app offers pictures from the current match so that you imagine is on the right track. And these images teamed with the live commentary fall only a little short of the joy of watching the game.


This is another obvious feature. The app includes the information and table for the upcoming events. So you can clear out your calendar to watch the match. Or you may set a reminder on the app itself so that you don’t miss out on the live scores.


The showcase is a very interesting aspect of this app. In this section, you will be able to view a complete and comprehensive profile of the players. All the information that you want to know about your favorite player or the player who showed brilliant sportsmanship in the last match is listed there. And this gallery is very easily accessible as well.

Other Features:

You can follow your fav team and players. And in case you missed any action from a particular match, you can watch the video highlights right from CricBuzz app on your smartphone.

You can also configure the setting in a way that you get the live score without having to open the app. This is made possible with the help of the live widget that you can add to your home screen.

The editorial team also incorporates table ranking for each tournament along with the ICC rank of the players. You can get the team ranking with a single tap from this screen as well.

And last but not the least is Quiz. You take quizzes on this app to see how well you know the sport that you love. And you can share the scores with your friends on social networking sites.

Installing CricBuzz:

Installing CricBuzz is quite easy. The app is listed in the Google Play Store.

  • Open the play store and search for the app.
  • Tap on Install.
  • A prompt window will appear with the access permissions.
  • Scroll down and locate and tap on the Accept button.
  • Now, wait. The download and installation will begin.
  • You will get a notification when the process is over.
  • Go to your home screen, open the menu and locate the app.
  • Tap on the app icon to launch the app.

Stay updated with all the latest cricket buzz with CricBuzz!

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