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Ultimate Guitar Apk Download: Learn Guitar Tabs

ultimate guitar
Written by Michael Clark

If you ask a regular teenager what is the coolest musical instrument according to them, you will find that more than 75% will give the same answer. And that answer is Guitar. The instrument has made its way into the pop culture in such a way that it is almost an emblem. And trust you me, despite the fact that you often see youngsters strumming chords, you will see that most of them have not received a single official class for guitar. I am not saying that they all have the potential to become a Joe Satriani someday, but they are mostly well tuned. You must be wondering how did these people learn to play the guitar then. They took help of the net. And Ultimate Guitar is one of the prime helping sources that they use.

You see, you will get a lot of basic video tutorials online explaining the basics of guitar playing. So you can just go to YouTube and search for tutorials. But they will not be enough after a while. That is only applicable if you stick it out with your guitar and continue with the passion that you had started with. Once you know the chords well and have also learned how to strum with ease, what then? This is where Ultimate Guitar makes a grand entrance. This is a huge and extensive collection of guitar chords and tabs for different songs and music pieces. You are more likely to find the chords and tabs for the particular song you are looking for here than anywhere else.

Ultimate Guitar:

The journey of this particular organization had started way back with a website. The website was really popular with guitar players across the world. Then came the age of applications. And in order to keep with that trend, the creators developed an app version. Now this app is available across a lot of platforms. And despite all of that, the website still continues with full glory.

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The best part about Ultimate Guitar is the fact that they have a huge and extensive collection of guitar tabs. But to correct my statement, they also have the same for Ukulele. In case you did not know, Ukulele is an instrument which is almost similar to the guitar. Only the size is a little different.

Detailed instruction for beginners:

This app has the great feature where you can click on unfamiliar chords, and it will show you where you put your fingers to play them. And they provide the same instructions for the left-handed guitarists too. Ultimate Guitar Tabs also comes with the amazingly helpful auto-scroll feature, which lets you automatically scroll the page down at a pace set by you. This is great if you want to play a new song all the way through without having to stop bring in the rest of the song’s chords.

ultimate guitar


When I am saying that they have the chords for songs and tracks, I also mean the tabs. But the tabs I have mentioned as the subheading here is not that. You see, the app comes with a preloaded feature named ‘Tab Packs.’ This feature is, in essence, a set of tabs organized by categories. Thus, you can easily browse through the categories. However, the most important thing about the tab packs is the that the categories are further divided. The categories are divided by their genres and level of difficulty. Thus, you can find something suitable to play and learn at all times.

How do they get the tabs?

The question that must have been bothering you for quite some time is going to be answered now. If you have ever used the online website, you would know. You see, the tabs are user generated. The users can submit their own tabs on the website. After that, the tabs are put up on the websites.

How do you know it is correct? Other users can then access it and see whether it is working for them too. All users can make suggestions for alterations. And do not mind me telling you that there are a lot of professional guitarists who use this mindblowing service regularly. After the detailed scrutiny that each tab goes through at the hands of the users, the tabs turn perfect with additions.

And thus, you have one of the largest online catalogs of guitar tabs and chords at Ultimate Guitar.

How To Download Ultimate Guitar:

This application is available on the Google Play store for Android devices. Follow the instructions as mentioned below to have a hassle-free installation.

Get the Ultimate Guitar Android App here.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone or tablet.
  • Search for the app.
  • The app is listed as ‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords’ in the play store.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Grant the access permission asked for y pressing on the ‘Accept’ button.
  • Now, wait till the installation is complete.
  • Open the Menu on your smartphone.
  • Locate the app.
  • Tap on the app icon to launch the app.

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