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Written by Michael Clark

Ever since we have become acquainted with what we could do with internet connection, we have found new ways of using that. And the online movie and tv show streaming apps are the latest additions to our daily lives. But most of these apps provide the same content. It is due to the excessive competition between such apps all are trying to get hold of the latest popular and trending films and shows. But, in the middle of all these, offbeat, award-winning films, foreign films are slowly getting out of our reach. There are hardly movie streaming apps that provide good quality foreign and award-winning content. However, BigStar Movies is one of those only handful apps that gives us access to those classy movies.

BigStar Movies app is the gateway to the alternative films of our time. While most apps are competing to provide us with mainstream movies faster, this works to offer us the creme of the movies that are not so-called commercialized. They focus on independent movies, be if feature films or short films. They also keep a track of the reputed film festivals from around the globe. And they make most of those award-winning films available for the audience. Also, this app is available in most of the continents. Thus, this app is quite international not only for their contents but also for their service.

Read this article to know how you can get this outstanding app to run on your Android gadgets. But before we talk about that, we should take a quick look at the features of BigStar Movies. It is important to know what the app has to offer and whether it suits our needs.

What Makes BigStar Movies Stand Out?

As I have mentioned earlier, BigStar Movies is an app that focuses on getting those offbeat gems of the film industries around the world to us. The editorial team works really hard to get those independent movies. The movies that they offer are not usually found on other popular online video streaming apps. And they have no particular fixation on any language. They get movies from different parts of the world. These movies not only are from different countries and continents, but they are also from different cultures and different languages.

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If we try and recollect the classic movies which are on the must-watch list for all those cinephiles and film enthusiasts, most of them are of different languages. But just because we are not aware of what movies are being made in other film industries, it does not mean that they are not making good movies. There are plenty of movies that win the reputed film festivals. Even so many independent movies are being made every year in our language which we have not heard of. BigStar Movies takes it upon itself to educate us and get us acquainted with those gems.

Content and Gallery:

As I have already mentioned, there are no boundaries of language when it comes to the content that BigStar Movies has in the collection. There are movies from languages as different as English, Hindi, Korean and African. That’s the variety of content that you get here. And all of these films and short films are there for us to watch in their full-length.

The gallery optimization is also enough to blow the mind of the users. It has a vast range of categories based on genres. They have categories like Film Noir, Mockumentary. Some of them are even based on their language, like Retro Afrika Bioscope, Bollywood.

Though I have been talking about foreign movies mostly, there also are English movies. There are categories like Hollywood Now. The primary aim of the developers was to create an app that could be an alternative to the mainstream commercial Hollywood movies.

bigstar movies


When an app goes out of the way to bring the gems to the users, it is obvious that people would like to know whether the app in question is supported on their device or not. This app is supported on a lot of platforms. BigStar Movies run on Android devices, iOS devices. It is also available for Roku TV, Android TV, any smart TV for that matter.

This app is also Chrome Cast ready. So you can easily stream the movie on a bigger screen right from your smartphone.

And this app is free to install on Android and iOS devices. But the free trial period lasts for 30 days. After that period, there is a small charge which enables the users to continue to watch those enriching films. This subscription lets the users access the full catalog while the free trial only provides partial access. The premium subscription comes for only $4.99 per month.

Now that you are aware of the basic traits of BigStar Movies app let us get to installation tutorial.

How To Install BigStar Movies On Android:

This app is available for Android devices. BigStar Movies is listed on the Google Play Store as well. So getting the app is but a cakewalk. Just follow these instructions mentioned below.

Get the BigStar Movies app here.

  • Launch Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Search for BigStar Movies in the search box.
  • Ensure that the app is offered by BIGSTAR.
  • The app name is shown as Free Movies & TV.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Accept the access permission request.
  • Wait while the app is installed.
  • Launch the app from Play Store or the Device’s Main Menu.

Now that we are over with all the information you might require, here is a table of comparison to help you make your decision.

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