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Free Futhead 1.2 Download- Apk for Android

Written by Michael Clark

Futhead is one amusing app that is a hot favorite among all FIFA players. And when I say FIFA players, I don’t mean the football players. I mean the gamers who are fans of the video game series named FIFA. So I hope you understand what Futhead is mainly concerned about.

The players get to keep the updates of the virtual players and the football season using this app. It also lets the users build their fantasy teams. And the best part of all is that the FIFA Fans get the exposure of the FIFA player’s community which is a big deal.


Futhead is the immensely popular application that basically deals with FIFA video games. IT is a community platform where players from all around the globe come together and discuss. Futhead started off as a website service with all the same information. Later to keep up with the need of the age, the owners released an app. The app is basically the same as the website version. The only difference is that the experience of the app is much easier and compact than the web browser version.

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Futhead has a lot of sections. These sections include lists of the teams and the players that are on FIFA, news updates about these players. However, the most important and fun thing about the app is that users get to build their own squads and fantasy teams.

Building  Squad:

Apparently, it may seem that squad building is easy. But trust you me, it is not at all so. It takes a lot of time to decide which player can be good for your team. And you also need to keep the team within budget. So you see, the app is filled with fun activities.

You can also log in with your FIFA account to see and update the squads you have already created. You can make changes in those from Futhead interface.


News Updates:

The app includes a complete listing of all the players that are on the real FIFA team. And their real life performance in the field is reflected in the virtual world too. The price of a player to get them to play on your team varies. This change of remuneration is dependent upon the performance of the player.

All of these facts put together make Futhead a hell of an app. It is no wonder that this app is widely accepted and used by the FIFA fans. Now let us see how you can install the app on your Android app.

Installing Futhead In Android Device:

It goes without saying that Futhead is now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other iOS devices. Follow the instructions as mentioned below.

Get the Futhead App for Android Here.

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Futhead using the search box.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Go through the prompt window.
  • Scroll down and click on the Accept button on the bottom right corner.
  • The download will begin shortly.
  • Now wait.
  • After the download is complete, the installation will start automatically.
  • You will get a notification once the installation is done on the notification tab of your mobile or tablet.

Now the app is ready to use. You just need to go to the home screen of your device. Then open the Menu and locate the app. Tap on the app icon to launch. Now you can browse through their vast series of service without creating any account. But if you want to access the squad building then you need to create an account. You can also login to your existing account if you have any. So install Futhead and enjoy the best FIFA Games complimentary service!

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