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Google Duo Apk Download-Video Calling App by Google

google duo
Written by Michael Clark

Google Inc. has recently launched their new communication app Google Duo. You might be wondering what was exactly the need of getting another communication app released. After all, Google already has many such apps in their store. The answer is that they have made this new one more specialized. Google Duo is a video calling app.

Hangouts, another communication app from the house of Google Inc., also has the video calling feature. But Hangouts is an overall communication app that also has messaging service, group messaging service among many others. Hangouts are also available on more platforms than Google Duo. Then, the question remains why we should install Google Duo!

We should install Google Duo because it is a much more compact version for video calling. And Google was not aiming for it to become an all-in-one communication app. The motto behind this app was to keep it simple and sweet.  And it has potential enough to give FaceTime a real tough competition.

Google Duo Features:

This newly released app has many features that set this off from other similar applications. The most noteworthy of them is the high-quality video. This app which is very light in size gives one of the best video qualities among the apps. The only prerequisite is that the internet connection should be strong. The app works the best when your phone is connected to a strong WiFi network or 3G connection. It does work even when you are on the go. But the video quality may falter a little if the connection is weak. But those lags only last for a few seconds.

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 And it is because there are no more additional features to this video calling application, the experience much smoother and better. You want to make a video call to your friend, family or loved ones; you just make the call. And it is quite true that we hardly ever want to settle for sending messages when we really want to video call someone.


Google Duo is different than the other communication apps even in terms of account creation. Unlike other apps, you do not need to enter your email id to create your account. There are no links to your email accounts whatsoever. The account is created based on your contact number. Thus the app becomes much more exclusive in terms of video calling.


Another important factor that we need to consider when we are looking at a communication app is the privacy settings. Most communication apps do not have a safe security. And this particular aspect has come into the light since the end-to-end encryption was enabled on WhatsApp. But there have not been many apps that have followed the suit. But Google Duo does have an end-to-end encryption policy.

End-to-end encryption ensures that the content can not be viewed by anybody else. Only the two parties at the two ends of the call are able to access the video. Even the data is not stored on the Google servers. And the fact that no data is stored means that there is a complete transparency when it comes to privacy. Only you and the person you are calling have the only authorization to access the data.

google duo

How Is Google Duo A Competition to FaceTime?

FaceTime has been ruling the world of video calling apps till now. But it was fairly restricted. FaceTime is only available for iPhones and iPads. Thus the number of people that could be contacted using the app was also fairly limited. On the other hand, Google Duo bridges that gap between iOS users and Android users. This video calling app is available for both iOS devices and Android devices. As a result, more people can be reached via this app.

The very fact that this app is inclusive in nature gives this app that edge over FaceTime. And hopefully, this app will make its mark soon.

How To Install Google Duo:

It is more than evident that this app is listed in both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Hence, installing this app is a piece of cake to be very honest. Just follow these simple set of instructions.

Get Google Duo for Android here and iOS here.

  • Launch Google Play Store on your Android phone or iTunes App Store on your iOS phone.
  • Search for Google Duo.
  • Tap on Install.
  • In the case of Android, grant the access permissions required.
  • In the case of iOS devices, confirm to initiate the download.
  • Your work is mostly done.
  • Wait till the app is installed properly.
  • Go to the home screen on your device.
  • Open the Menu and locate the app.
  • Tap on it to launch.

Create your account using your phone number and voila!

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