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Mp3 music pro
Written by Michael Clark

Online music players are in vogue nowadays. With the advent of Android smartphones, they have become very crucial. These online music players offer features like streaming and downloading music. MP3 Music Pro is one online music player that has been attracting a lot of attention because of the advanced features it offers. It is a very powerful and robust app that can be found on the Google Play Store and has already crossed the 500 thousand download mark in a very short time. At 3.2 MB it is remarkably small in size and requires only Android 2.3 to function properly. The low threshold at which it can work is a surprise for most users.

Mp3 music pro download

                                 Mp3 Music Pro

MP3 Music Pro features:

  • The app comes with a great Search option that is very fast as well as conducts intensive searches very efficiently. It also records and 85% success rate in finding out most song and albums, which is quite impressive.
  • This app comes with Headset and Bluetooth controls of its own as well as provides users the ability to sort and arrange music according to criteria that the users can decide.
  • The player provides lock screen controls which come as standard and has the ability to play most music files from MP3 to M4A.
  • The MP3 Music Pro also displays artwork of music albums and even enables the user to select and display their own custom artworks for music if they prefer to do so.
  • A very fun feature that this consists of is the accelerometer shake. Due to this feature uses can change songs anytime by shaking their phones which is a fun way to skip tracks. It, however, has to be kept in mind that a phone must mandatory have the accelerometer in order for this function to work correctly.

Apart from these features, the rest are pretty standard which all music players provide but the MP3 Music Pro has an edge over the others because of its small size and low requirements.

How to get MP3 Music Pro on your Android?

Getting this app on your Android device is child’s play because it is available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you just have to visit the Play Store and download and install the app from it.

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