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Simple Mp3 Downloader App: Download Free music on Android

Simple mp3 Downloader
Written by Michael Clark

We have been living in a state of constant transition and the biggest forces at play are the Internet and Google’s Android. Through the efforts of these two, everything has changed and the world is slowly moving towards digitization. From dating to games and even matrimony, everything has been moving towards the digital future. Music is also not far behind; in fact, it perhaps has had the biggest progress from the other aspects of life that we can compare. From the huge gramophone and records, we moved to cassettes, then CDs arrived with the concept of digital music files. This concept revolutionized everything as people realized that this type of music was better in quality and much easier to carry. CDs were discarded in favor of pen drives which were even smaller and finally phones and Smartphones enabled users to carry music on these devices. Well, downloading music started off with the ruling the world but now it is effectively streaming music that uses of opting for. One of the best apps that offer this service is the Simple MP3 Downloader.

Simple mp3 Downloader

Simple MP3 Downloader features:

  • The Simple MP3 Downloader is one of the best apps that offer users the ability to stream and download music at the same time. Regrettably, the Simple MP3 Downloader was available on the Google Play Store and was fast getting a good reputation when it was yanked out due to some conflicts that the developers of the app had with Google.
  • It is one of the best because firstly it comes for free. No extra charge or hidden costs are present. A good feature of this app is its ability to work with Windows operating system which has also contributed to its reputation of being highly adaptive.
  • Users can download files from the app itself and listen to it on the app. If downloading is a problem when users can simply stream the music. This is especially useful when users are unsure about how a song is under that time they can stream it to find out and download if they like it.
  • This app is available in English along with 15 other languages. This example of diverse inclusion has made the app very popular among users.
  • The threshold that the app requires to work on low-level systems is also very low which enable all and sundry to get the app. It works on even the Android version 2.2 and at 2.5 MB its file size is negligible in comparison to other online music playing services.
  • The minimal size, however, does not mean that the app is any less than other search services because it comes with a very large database and the Search feature that it includes is a very robust one.
  • Everything has a good and a bad side and the Simple MP3 Downloader also has two or three cons. Due to the size, it has very few advanced features that other online music players offer as a standard and the built-in player that it comes with is also very limited and its functions. However, as long as it was in the Google Play Store it enjoyed a rating above 4 stars and reached a million downloads within a very short time.

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How to download Simple MP3 Downloader on Android:

The Simple MP3 Downloader is not available on the Google Play Store. It was at first but then it was thrown out due to some conflicts. However, you need not worry as there are other ways by which you can get it on your Android phone. Just follow the instructions as given below.

  • Enable the Unknown Sources option on your phone by visiting Security from the phone’s Settings. The operating systems in Android phones are all preprogrammed to accept apps from trusted developers and the Google Play Store. Whenever this operating system encounters an app that comes from an outside source, it starts displaying continuous warning messages. In order for that not to happen, you have to undertake this step.
  • Next, you can download the Simple MP3 Downloader Apk file from the Internet. Remember to choose reliable and famous website because small and unrecognized ones may offer software that is not stable or which may contain malicious programs.
  • Now install the downloaded apk file after carefully reading through the permissions.
  • As soon as you find that the app is working correctly remember to disable the Unknown Sources option that you had activated because it can otherwise turn into a security vulnerability which hackers and other apps might exploit.

The Simple MP3 Downloader is a great piece of software that integrates the function of an online music player as well as downloader into one app. The fact that it comes at such a low size and does not produce any significant pressure on the phone’s memory is all the more reason to get it on your Android phones.

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