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Pandora Internet Radio Download For Android

Written by Michael Clark

What would our lives be without music? I can not even think about a life like that. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to get the songs we love. And the ones we have stored on our devices tend to make us bored. As a result of this, online music streaming apps were born. There are myriads of online music streaming apps to choose from. But it is quite difficult to choose which one would be the perfect for us. Pandora Internet Radio is definitely one of the best apps that there are. And it has a huge collection of songs that are sure to blow your mind away. It lets you stream songs from the enormously extensive library of songs. It has over 1 million songs from thousands of artists nd bands and singers.

This app works the best when you do not want to listen to those same old songs that you have on your phone. It lets you listen to music tracks suited to your mood. There are innumerable radio stations for music and even comedy content. You can personalize up to 100 radio stations to suit your taste. The web version was introduced earlier which immediately got immense popularity among the music enthusiasts. And then the developers decided to publish the app version. The app version functions just the same as the web version. Only, the app is more compact and fits right on your phone. Thus, you do not have to stay without music even when you are on the go.

Pandora Internet Radio:

Pandora Internet Radio is very easy to use. All you need to do is to create a few radio stations based on the genre or artist you like. You may even start a new station by adding only one song. Once you add one song, the AI automatically detects other music tracks and artists of that same genre and adds them to your list.

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After you have created a few stations for yourself, Pandora Internet Radio lets the AI get to work. The AI scans and analyzes what kind of music you like and streams them to your radio station. In case you like this particular track by some artist, but you are not able to find any other similar tracks just add that one song to a separate station. So you create a radio station with only this song. Pandora Internet Radio will now find songs from their immensely large collection that are of the same mood and genre preferably.

You also have the option of adding more songs to one already existing radio station. When you do that, you get to add different genre or artist. If you add a song from a different genre, then the AI also adds songs from that genre. Thus, your playlists are never exhausted. And we all know how similar sounding songs can get us bored. So add songs from different genres that you like to pop up that list of yours.

pandora internet radio

Pandora Internet Radio App Features:

Apart from creating radio stations, you can also bookmark songs. When you are listening to a station, and you come across a song that you find good, bookmark that song. Once you do that, you can go back to that song later from the Bookmarks tab. You can also find other songs by the same artist using this section. It is all that simple.

This app also has in-app notification tab. So whenever a new track is added to your station, or new songs are added to their library of your favorite artists, you get a notification. Thus, you never miss out on the newest releases and additions.

However, the coolest feature of all is the alarm clock. You can set an alarm clock on this app. When you set an alarm clock, the app opens one of your favorite radio stations at that time. What better way of waking up in the morning? And just for your information, it also comes with a snooze button.


There are two subscription plans. One is free, and the other is paid. Both the accounts let the users browse through their vast and wide library. The only difference being the advertisement pop-ups. If you sign up for a free account, you better be ready to see innumerable ads. And the number of ads that they have are enough to get on your nerves. And you can only skip through the ads for a limited number of times.

With the paid subscription, there are no ads, no disruption. Just plain music to make your day beautiful.

Now that we have been through all of the aspects of Pandora Internet Radio let us see how to install the same.

How to Install Pandora Internet Radio App On Your Android Device:

Pandora Internet Radio is available on the Google Play Store. As a result, installing the app is only a matter of a few seconds of your time. Just follow the instructions below.

Get the Pandora Internet Radio App Here.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Search for Pandora Radio.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Go through the access permissions.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on Accept as shown on the display.
  • Wait for the app to download and complete installation.
  • Now go to the home screen of your phone or tablet.
  • Open the Menu and locate the Pandora Internet Radio app.
  • Tap on it to launch it anytime you want to.
  • Just remember to have a stable internet connection to get the best experience.

So, that is all that you needed to know about Pandora Internet Radio and how to get the app to run on your Android device. Listen to songs to your heart’s content using this app. A happy music experience to you.

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