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Spotify App Download: Music On The Go

Written by Michael Clark

We do take our music seriously. And thus it becomes crucial which online movie streaming app we are using. And without any doubt, Spotify is the application that will cater to all your needs. This app is the most popular app out there for a lot of reasons. The app which has Swedish origin lets the users browse through a world of songs. And all of this comes with a digital rights management policy with big media companies and record labels. So, you can stream right through the trending songs without breaking any rules or licenses! Can you deny that this makes it the best app ever? All of those songs, and all with legal license!

As I was saying, Spotify gives the users the best music experience ever. With their vast gallery and seamless streaming, it is the perfect destination for music streaming. It provides us with the pure bliss of listening to music. Let us now see what features are there in this app.

Spotify App:

Spotify has two types of user subscription. A free subscription and a paid subscription. The free account holders can navigate through the same library as the Premium account holders. The only difference is that the free subscribers will have to go through the advertisement pop-ups. This can not be avoided. On the other hand, the premium users do not just enjoy an ad-free access, but they also get to save songs for offline listening. This facility is not there with the free accounts.

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Now, let us look at their gallery. The gallery is amazingly mind-blowing. They have a gallery which is unparalleled. From old songs to the newest releases, it is all right there. The users can search for specific tracks using the name of the track or the artist or the genre. The search box is optimized and lets you search with many keywords.

There are also millions of ready playlists that you can give a listen to. These playlists include favorite lists by famous artists, as long as artist-specific playlists. You can also find playlist put together by other users. If you are looking for being surprised, choose a playlist at random and listen to it. There are fair chances of coming across songs that you have never heard before. A beautiful way of discovering new songs and bands. I, as a user, have found many bands using this app. And some of those bands have created their own space on my playlist.

Spotify Background:

AS I have already mentioned towards the beginning of this article, this app originated in Switzerland. This had begun as a start-up that soon saw a rise in popularity. The app crossed the national boundaries soon enough and took over the world of online music streaming within no time. With the launch of the app back in 2008, it currently has more than 75 million active users across the globe. Of those users, more than 30 million are premium users. But despite all of this, the app is still limited to a few select countries.


The other important part that we need to know about this app is their legal license. Unlike other websites where songs are available, Spotify pays the artists based on their market share. Most other similar platforms pay the artists a royalty money based on each download. This has resulted in a few tiffs over time, but nothing major. And it can be said without even a single glimpse of doubt that the editorial team at Spotify work hard to make all the content licensed. When you use this app, you need not worry any copyright infringement on your part.

Now that we have been through a brief overview of the Spotify app, it is time for a download tutorial.

How to Download Spotify on Android Devices:

Spotify is available in the app store. It is as present in Google Play Store for Androids as it is on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. Follow these steps to get this app to run on your Android phone or tablet now.

Get the Spotify App Here.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Spotify using the search box.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Go through the access permissions.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Locate and tap on the Accept button.
  • Wait till the app downloads and installs.
  • Now go to the home screen of your device.
  • Open the Menu.
  • Look for the Spotify app.
  • Tap on it launch.

After you have successfully installed the app, launch the app. Create your account. Choose the subscription that you want and pay in case you want the Premium account. And if you already have an existing Spotify account, just log in using that username and password. Voila! Browse their vast collection and find all the songs that you like. Millions of songs right at your fingertips.

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