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Popcornflix App Download On Android- Free Movies Streaming

Written by Michael Clark

While we are on the quest to find online movie streaming apps, new apps are being developed every single day. Thus our choices keep expanding. While most of these are very similar, there are a few apps that stand out even in this crowd. I am not taking account of the paid services here. Paid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu are all good. But when it comes to free services, the challenge is to find and locate those unique ones. Free Movies app which is exclusively available for Android devices is one such app as it holds movies that are all on public domains. But their collection is slightly old. When it comes to recent but little different films and other videos Popcornflix easily make it to the top list.

Popcornflix is one free app that lets the users stream movies. But the thing that makes this app somewhat unique is the content that they have. This app specializes in having independent movies in their database. And these independent movies star famous actors as well.

So if you want to get this app installed on your Android device, read till the end of this article. I am going to give you a step by step instruction on how to get this app to run on Android devices. But, first, let us take an overview of the app and all that it offers.

What Makes Popcornflix Stand Out?

I have already stated the primary reason that sets out Popcornflix apart from other apps. The content is not what most mainstream apps have in store. Thus, the content gallery of this app is rather offbeat. You will stumble upon titles that are new to you. It is a great app to expand your horizon. And especially if you are interested in movies in general and film making then this app is must-have for you. And given this app is free, what’s there to lose anyway?

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It is a well-known fact that free services have a lesser number of videos as compared to paid services. This stands true for Popcornflix too. It has over 700 movies. But they keep adding new videos to their database.

Most of their content consists of independent films. Apart from that, they also have movies made in different film schools. This actually gives this app the edge over other apps in terms of uniqueness.

And apart from these contents, they also have original content. The developers put up original web shows for the viewers every now and then.

The documentary selection deserves a mention. The editorial team handpicks these documentaries which are interesting. And the Kids section is also worthy of mention. Most of the content belongs from the 80s and 90s. After all, that used to be the golden age of cartoon.


The gallery is very well organized. All of the videos are categorized by their genre and type. Thus, the browsing experience in the content catalog is not just great, but also satisfying.

The gallery also displays some information about the video in question. It is really enriching and this experience no less than browsing through paid services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.


User Interface and Availability:

As is quite evident from the section above, the user interface is compact and easy-to-use. However, there might be a few problems with the way they name their content. But apart from that, navigating through the app is a breeze.

Despite being free, this app is compatible with Chromecast. You can stream videos right on your Smart TV using Google Cast or any local cast. This app is compatible enough to pair with Roku TV, Boxee, PlayStation, Xbox. It is also available for Windows mobile and Blackberry devices.

Other features:

One of the best things about this app is that it shows you the choice of devices where the video is to be played every time you open a video. This is very helpful as it is not needed to go to the settings whenever we choose to stream the video using local cast or chrome cast.

However, the app has its own disadvantages too. The video quality is not as good as that of the paid services. The picture quality is not HD. And based on the availability and internet connection the video quality may drop to a lower definition. But, one thing is for sure that the video playback will remain smooth. Unless the network connection is grossly unstable, the video playback remains smooth amd satisfying to the core.

Now that we have gone through all the important aspects of this app, it is time for us to take a look at how we can get this rather uncommon and unique app to run on our Android devices.

Get the Popcornflix app here

Installing Popcornflix on Android Phones And Tablets:

Popcornflix app is available on the Google Play Store to the happiness of the Android users. just follow the instructions below to get it on your device.

  • Go to the Google Play on your Android device.
  • Search for Popcornflix.
  • Ensure that the app is offered by Screen Media Ventures to get the right one.
  • Tap on the Install button.
  • Agree to the access permissions asked for.
  • Wait for the app to install.
  • After it is complete, go to the Device menu.
  • Locate the Popcornflix icon and tap on it to launch the app.

It is as simple as that to get the app to run on any of your Android devices. Read the table below to get a comparative overview of this app with Megabox HD, another free online movie streaming app.

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