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Free Tubidy 2.5 Mobile Download- .Apk File For Android

Written by Michael Clark

We inevitably go and take help of the internet whenever we are in need of anything. The Internet is generally able to give us access to almost everything under the sun that we may need. But while the internet is the most convenient thing that has ever been invented, applications are what make the internet so. There are a number of applications to cater to each of your needs. If you want to watch movies, there are apps that let you stream movies directly on your smartphone. There are apps that you let you stream music as well. Tubidy is one such online movie streaming app.

And one can not but accept that there are only a few things that can beat the joy of having free music. And Tubidy does just that. It allows you to legally download songs from the internet for free. Who offers that these days, huh?


Tubidy is an online free music streaming app that lets the users browse through a vast range of content. And the users may also download tracks that they want. This app definitely has the potential of becoming a popular one as it comes with a large online library of songs. The developers of Tubidy Crea4Life were evidently going for this particular aspect.

This app gets their content from YouTube and SoundCloud, two of the most popular music destinations online. The songs that are available on these two websites are mostly available on this app as well. When you choose to play a particular song, it streams the song right from the source and makes it accessible to you. And once you stream an entire track you can save them for offline listening too.

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User Interface:

The best part about this application is easy to use user interface. The search box is integrated and is visible right on the home screen of the app. You can search for any song you want right from this search box. And with a single tap of the finger, you can switch from one source to the other when looking for a song.

Once you have listened to a song on Tubidy, you can create your own playlists with the song. Thus you don’t have to look for the song the next time you want to listen to it. You can easily access that from the playlist.

Downloading Songs:

Once Tubidy is able to locate the song you are looking for, it streams it to you. And as I have already mentioned before, you can save the music track for offline listening. Thus, you can save a lot of your data balance.  However, the quality of the tracks may vary.

Those of you, who have used YouTube and SoundCloud or either of the two, know that the content available there are uploaded by users. And it is only natural that while there will be users who upload the best and unadulterated version of the songs, there will be some who will. And as a result, there might be a huge disparity between the quality of the content. But you can first give the track a listen to see whether it works for you or not.


The only major problem with the app is that it is hidden under a bag of advertisements. The incessant number of ads make the app page like a puzzle that the users have to figure out. And there is no option to pay for the app to get rid of the advertisements as well.

But the very fact that the app is very light on storage space that comes with these great app features still makes this app worthy of a shot. Free music can never be tried enough.

Installing Tubidy:

Installing Tubidy is pretty easy. This app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Get The Tubidy Apk Here.

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the app.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Give the access permissions required.
  • Wait while the data downloads.
  • After the data download is complete, the installation will begin automatically.
  • After the completion of the process, go to the home screen of your mobile or tablet.
  • Open the menu and locate the app.
  • Tap on the icon to launch.

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