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Free Movies online Apps-Top 10 Apps For Android/iOS

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Written by Michael Clark

We hardly have any time for going to the theaters and stand in that long queue to watch a film. And thus we take resort to online movie streaming apps. The best part about these apps is that we can use them anywhere and anytime. But when it comes to picking an app from the myriad of apps that are available, we panic.

There are so many options to choose from that we get confused. And especially, if you are looking for a free app, it becomes twice as hard. There are several apps that have great introductions to what they offer and even have somewhat good ratings but disappoint you the moment you start using it. So it is imperative that you know what you want and whether the app is providing you with the same.

To make this search easier for you, I am listing the 10 best free movie streaming apps. I am also providing you with a small and brief account of what the app offers. All of these apps are available online. You will also find a link with each of these applications I am listing in the article. That article has a comprehensive review of the app as well as a download tutorial for Android devices. Check these out now.

10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps For Android and iOS devices:

I have already given a short introduction regarding what movie streaming apps are. But before we begin with the list, here is what you need to check before zeroing in on one.

At first, know what you want from the app. Then check whether the app offers the same content or not. It is possible that you might not find all of the content in one app, but you can always get more than one. Most people fo this.

Secondly, see whether it is supported on your device or not. All the applications I am mentioning run on Android devices. However, you need to check whether these run on your iOS or not. As some of these apps are not available in the iTunes app store, it is a point to check before trying.

And last but not the least, check whether the app has the offline viewing option if you are looking for streaming on the go. This is important because often the network cracks when you’re moving. This, in turn, disrupts the seamless playback that you want.

So consider the points above and choose wisely.

  1. Cinema Box:

    Cinema Box is one of the most used and popular movies streaming apps that there are. This app has been a hot favorite among the users since the launch. It is a free streaming app that lets the users access their vast gallery of videos.

    cinema box

    Their content catalog is quite impressive. They add new movies and episodes of TV shows faster than most other similar apps. And the videos are also present in their full-length. The fully-optimized gallery is easy to use, and you can even download the videos you want. The download is available for offline viewing and in your choice of video resolution. And you can also share your playlist with others.

    And this app is also chrome cast compatible. Thus you can view the video on the TV screen for all you want. Cinema Box is definitely one of the best.

    Read the review and tutorial guide of Cinema Box here.

  2. Showbox:

    Showbox is quite similar to Cinema Box in many ways. It has a similar looking user interface. Almost same features even. The editorial team works hard every day to get the latest and fresh out of theaters videos. The library is updated every single day. Thus you need not wait for a video for long.


    The player has great features as well. You can save a video for offline viewing. You can also choose the quality of the video based on your needs. You can even choose a lower video quality when you’re on the go so that you get a seamless playback.

    The gallery is brilliantly organized. The videos are cataloged by their types and then genres. The users never have to look for a long time before finding what they want. And this service is entirely free and does not require any sign-up process. It also supports Chrome Cast for our benefit.

    Read the review and installation tutorial of Showbox here.

  3. Crackle:

    Crackle is another free online movie streaming app. This app, a direct subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Pictures, is free. This app specializes in funny videos. When I say, rather write, funny videos I mean videos related to the comedy genre. It has a vast collection of movies related to the Comedy genre and more.

    unnamed (5)

    Apart from the great and hilarious content gallery that they have, they also have a big collection of TV Shows. Classic humorous TV show like Seinfeld is available in its entirety. They even have famous original content like Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld, the famed American comedian.

    This app is available in 21 different countries and three different languages. It also is a multi-platform supported app. Crackle is Chrome Cast compatible as well.

    Read the comprehensive review and download guide of Crackle here.

  4. PlayBox HD:

    PlayBox HD is the next generation of the popular PlayBox. This is a better and more advanced version of PlayBox. It has a vast and extensive range of videos. And it is due to their content collection PlayBox HD makes it to the top online movie streaming apps. It has a large number of movies along with TV shows and Cartoons and Animes. You will get almost anything that you want right here.


    And the best part is, this app is free. And despite that, it provides the users with HD content. And as it is Chrome Cast compatible you can stream the videos right on your TV screen from your Android device with a simple tap. The Chrome Cast button is displayed each time you open a video if you have not set a default already.

    The video player also supports subtitles and resume feature. The resume feature ensures that you get to watch the video right from the point where you left it. And it goes without saying that PlayBox HD has ‘offline viewing’ as well.

    Read the download tutorial along with the review of Playbox HD here.

  5.  Free Movies:

    As the name suggests, the app offers free movies. The only catch is, Free Movies app is only available for Android devices. I’m sorry iOS users, but this can not be helped. But you can always get an Android emulator installed and then use this excellent application.

    unnamed (6)

    This app stands out in the middle of movie streaming apps as the content, that it has to offer, is different than the others. This app does not offer the latest movies or TV shows. It has a gallery of over 500 movies. But all of these movies are available in the public domain. These movies are not the latest flicks but are the old golden gems of film industries as we know it. This is not for everyone. But those of you who are genuinely interested in movies from the older age, that is classic movies from the past can definitely try this out.

    The gallery includes an Editor’s Pick column. And it has an integrated information database of the movies listed. And they even include an IMDB link of the movie along with the description for the convenience of the users. What more could we need?

    Get the complete review and download tutorial of Free Movies app here.

  6. Movie HD:

    Movie HD is another amazing one when it comes to online movie streaming apps. It again has the newest and the most recent movies and TV shows and cartoons for us.

    The player lets the users pick the quality and video resolution of their choice. However, the most exciting and attractive trait of this application is that it gives the users access to 3D movies. Yes, you read it right. There is a separate tab for 3D movies in the Movies section of the Menu. You can watch the 3D movies without any charge!

    movie hd

    It goes without saying that this app is Chrome Cast adaptable. And it also has offline viewing option. And it has an integrated ‘Download’ button for that as well. Who would have thought that a free movie streaming app would offer 3D films, right?

    Download guide and comprehensive review of Movie HD here.

  7. Popcorn Time:

    Now I am sure that you have all heard the name of this app somewhere or the other. This app which had been one of the major names of controversies has its own perks. It is definitely one of the top names of free movie streaming apps.

    popcorn time

    Popcorn Time basically works as a platform that streams videos from their torrent links. So as you can guess, there are hardly any limitations to what you can watch using this application. It also comes with a well-organized library of contents. You can browse videos by their type or genre. And the users may also manually add subtitles to the videos. Frankly speaking, I don’t see any point in creating such controversies about such a useful app. But yes, make sure that you clean the temporary folder of this app once in a while.

    Get the complete review and installation tutorial of Popcorn Time here.

  8. Megabox HD:

    Megabox HD is one of the best alternatives to Popcorn Time. This app makes it to the list of best free movie streaming apps due to their editorial team. Their editorial team works hard to get almost all the popular and famed videos. They try and get everything, be it movies or TV shows or cartoons. They are always at it.

    megabox hd

    The gallery is optimized, and the content gallery is really easy to navigate. Everything is neatly placed under their genres. And this app also supports Chrome Cast as is evident. Megabox HD also supports offline viewing. The download button is right there on the video player interface. Like a few other apps I have listed above, Megabox HD also takes out the time to add the IMDB rating of the videos.

    Get the full tutorial and review of Megabox HD here.

  9. Viewster:

    Viewster is another app that stands out in the crowd of movie streaming apps available. It is unique due to its outstanding collection of Animes. This app specifically focuses on Anime, the ever-popular animated series from Japan. But that is not all that they have to offer. They have a good and vast collection of movies and TV shows as well. But they pride on their collection of Anime, which is one of the largest Anime databases.


    They add new episodes every week. The editorial team works relentlessly to get the exclusive videos. Their tie-ups are so good that they even add a few Japanese animes only a day after the original air date. And though this service is free, all of their content are licensed.

    Get the comprehensive review along with a tutorial for Viewster here.

  10. Cartoon HD:

    Cartoon HD is another controversial one of the online movie streaming apps. It initially released for iOS devices. But it was soon taken down for it let the users access to unlicensed content for free. But the app still survives in all its glories.

    Though the name suggests that this app is all about cartoons, it is not all about cartoons. It has its fair share of cartoon content alright. But it also has a lot of the latest movies and TV shows in store for the viewers.

    cartoon hd

    This app has good features as well. It has the resume option that lets the users watch the videos from the point where they had left it. It also allows offline viewing. The quality of the video can be selected manually as well. And they have a host of High Definition content for the users to watch for free as well.

    Get the installation guide and review of Cartoon HD here.

So these are the top 10 free movie streaming apps available. And all of these apps are listed based on their content, features, and availability in 2016. So go through this list and pick the one, or more, as suited to your needs.

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